Engineered to Inspire

After 100 years, ASPINA aspires to partner ideas and solutions that shape the world of tomorrow.

Dear Future Customers & Partners,

We envision a world where every individual experiences a sense of "hope" and "comfort." We understand that you, with your admirable ideals, are striving to overcome challenges to make this vision a reality.

In 2018, we celebrated our 100th anniversary, marking a century of dedicated business activities. In June 2019, we proudly introduced "ASPINA" as our new corporate brand. This announcement signified our commitment to working collaboratively with you, our customers, as partners in addressing challenges and realizing an ideal world.

Throughout our long history, we have consistently prioritized understanding our customers' needs, offering solutions that go beyond expectations. This customer-centric approach has resulted in many forming lasting partnerships with us. We believe that our proactive mindset enables us to provide significant added value.

Under the ASPINA brand, we will continue to offer innovative "movement" solutions from fresh perspectives. Our aim is to make even greater contributions on a global scale, striving to achieve our hopes for tomorrow and create a comfortable and secure future for everyone.

If you're interested in learning more about our new brand, exploring our products and services, or seeking consultation for your business challenges, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Wishing you ongoing success and growth in partnership with us.

Best Regards,

Motoaki Kaneko
President & CEO
Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.

What we offer

  • Solutions in "Motion"

    Through the design, manufacture and supply of modules and systems, such as pumps, fans, and motors with reduction gears, we offer technical proposals for rapid issue resolution. We are experts in providing "movement" solutions.

  • Pursuing Compact, Light, Quiet

    To meet the needs of emerging and changing industries, we propose and develop of compact, lightweight and quiet products.

Markets we serve

  • Automation

    Equipment contributing to improved productivity, labor saving, and human safety

  • Life environment

    Equipment for the living environment such as improved water and air and comfortable interiors

  • Automotive

    Automotive air-conditioning equipment

  • Health & wellness

    Medical equipment, assistive technology

  • Space

    Equipment for precise spacecraft operation and onboard environmental control

ASPINA at a glance

  • drive systems and motor models available


  • of our drive systems and motors are customized


  • of our sales companies have resident engineers


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    family owned


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