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This website is confirmed to work on the following browsers ( as of February 2020 ):

Windows 10
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Web accessibility

We aim to enhance web accessibility of our websites in the scope of enhancement mentioned below to Level A or equivalent of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1

Scope of enhancement (as of February 2020)

All content on the following websites:

  • us.aspina-group.com
  • eu.aspina-group.com
  • www.aspina-group.cn
  • www.hf-aspina-group.cn
  • jp.aspina-group.com
  • www.aspina-group.com


The following content is difficult to provide web accessibility and is/will be excluded:

  • Certain video content provided by embedding, etc.
  • PDF data

The websites may provide information by using a video or a PDF file. Such content is excluded from the scope of enhancement because it is impossible to secure web accessibility.

Targeted conformance level

Level A of WCAG 2.1

ASPINA created all content as of February 2020 in the scope of enhancement mentioned above to reach Level A of WCAG 2.1. We will make efforts to enhance web accessibility at the targeted conformity level on content that will be further created/updated.