Procurement initiatives


"Shinano Kenshi strives to be a company that shapes the future through its business activities while valuing interpersonal relationships." This statement is a passage from Shinano Kenshi's Goals, which set forth the fundamental principles the ASPINA Group is committed to uphold in conducting its business.

These goals can be achieved only with the support of a large number of stakeholders. In the course of our daily procurement activities, our basic approach of "valuing interpersonal relationships" is embodied in our commitment to build continuous relationships of trust with suppliers through mutual understanding.

The ASPINA Group procures numerous products and services from suppliers not only in Japan but also various regions around the world in the course of its business. In order for us to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities through these procurement activities and achieve Shinano Kenshi's Goals, it is essential that our suppliers understand ASPINA's approach to social responsibility and Procurement Policies based on it.

Accordingly, ASPINA has prepared these Procurement Guidelines to help its suppliers enhance their understanding of these matters. We believe that these guidelines will not only provide an opportunity for us to enhance mutual trust with our suppliers but also be useful to our suppliers for their business development.

We look forward to the continued support and cooperation of our suppliers as we continue to promote the ASPINA's procurement and CSR activities.

Procurement Division
Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.