Top management message

ASPINA Group has promoted of honesty, fairness and trustworthiness as action guidelines among its employees as part of its Employees' Principles, which was promulgated in 1984. While the Employees' Principles was revised in 2010, we continue to position and uphold sincerity, fairness and trustworthiness as our primary action guidelines and mindset to be handed down to the coming generation.

In light of the ever-accelerating globalization of our operations, meanwhile, ASPINA Group as a whole is increasingly expected to focus its efforts on the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its compliance standards globally on the basis of the Employees' Principles. We are committed to meeting the requirements of the global community by observing human rights and other global norms and by promoting sustainable business operations.


By exercising honesty and fair judgment based on Shinano Kenshi's Objectives, we aim to emerge as a trustworthy global enterprise, contributing to society through business activities.

History of CSR


Zensuke Kudo, the first president, and Yukinori Kaneko, the founder, participate in the first general meeting of the International Labour Organization (ILO) as representatives of Japan.

Photo of the first general meeting of the International Labour Organization (ILO)

Maruko Town Kaneko Library opens with a donation from the late Yukinori Kaneko.

Photo of the Maruko Town Kaneko Library

Received an award from the National Tax Administration Bureau as a corporation that has filed an excellent tax return.

Image of the certificate
1975 Commended by the Governor of Nagano Prefecture for promotion of employment of persons with disabilities.

Commended by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare as an excellent employer of the elderly.

Image of the certificate

Opened the Silk Spinning Business Museum on the company's premises.

Photo of the Silk Spinning Business Museum
2002 Received Good Design Award for PLEXTALK portable recorder for the visually impaired.
2008 Received Nagano Prefecture Labor Bureau Director's Award for Excellence as an Equal Opportunity Employer.
2008 Received Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award for Excellence in the Family Friendly Company Category.

Obtained "Kurumin Mark" & Ueda City Gender Equality Promotion Business Award.

Kurumin Mark
2009 Obtained Commendation from Vision Australia for contribution to support for the visually impaired.
2010 Established Hachiro Kaneko Scholarship Fund as a charitable trust.
2011 Established CSR policy and global promotion system in place.

PLEXTALK receives the "Prime Minister's Commendation" for its contribution to the promotion of barrier-free and universal design.

Image of the certificate

Awarded "Best Company Supporting Child-Rearing" at the "Child-Rearing Alliance Summit in Nagano".

Photo of the award ceremony
2017 Received the Governor's Commendation for Companies Promoting Women's Activities at the Gender Equality Prefectural Citizens' Convention.
2022 Participated in the Nagano Prefecture Social Development Goals (SDGs).
2023 Renamed CSR activities to ESG activities to further strengthen activities.