What are the advantages of brushless DC motors (BLDC motors) against brushed DC motors?

Brushless DC motors (BLDC motors), away with brushes and commutators which have mechanical contacts, are:

  • free from maintenance and long-life,
  • low noise and
  • capable of operating at high speed.
What types of noise do brushed DC motors generate?
Generally, slipping contact of a brush and a commutators in a brushed DC motor generates electric noise and acoustic noise.
What is the material of a brush in a DC motor?
A brush is usually made of metal, carbon and metal-carbon composition. Some metal brushes apply precious metals such as gold on a contact surface with a commutator. The material for a brush is carefully chosen considering electric voltage/current and from enonomical aspects.
What are the advantages of hybrid (HB) type stepper motors (stepping motors) against the other types of stepper motors?

HB stepper motors combine the features of permanent magnet (PM) type stepper motors and variable reluctance (VR) type stepper motors. This gives HB stepper motors the following advantages:

  • High output torque
  • High resolution in step angle

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