Top management message

ASPINA Group proclaims in its Environmental Policies that we will engage in business activities in harmony with the global environment. As such, we are actively promoting ongoing efforts to meet the needs and expectations of society, while abiding by laws and regulations related to the environment concerning the handling of chemical substances. Our endeavors include waste reduction, energy saving, the supply of environmentally compatible products.
When it comes to the global environment, it should be noted that climatic changes are becoming increasingly serious. Indeed, global warming is an essential issue of concern that requires the attention of all nations, their industries, and their peoples. ASPINA Group is no exception. We are striving to reduce energy consumption at each process of our production bases to perform social responsibly as a corporate citizen.

ASPINA Group's general principles

Basic policy

ASPINA Group aims to provide companies inspiration such that the future beings a worry-free and comfortable society.
To live up to the trust placed on us by society, we will provide our customers with products and services that surpass their expectations and give utmost protection to the global environment in developing business activities.

Action guideline

  • We will pursue perfection in quality assurance by putting ourselves in our customers' shoes.
  • We will perform our duties by abiding by laws, regulations, and commitments.
  • We will promptly take any necessary action after observing our employees' actual day-to-day activities and work environment.
  • We will listen to customers' voices and make ongoing improvements to the way we operate.
  • We will energetically address activities aimed at the conservation of nature and the global environment.
  • We will do our best to prevent environmental pollution.


Development of environmentally compatible products

Development of energy-saving motors
Our R&D Division pursues product development based on the DFE (Design for Environment) concept. The purpose of the DFE concept is to develop products that lead to the minimization of negative impacts on the environment throughout the entire product cycle - beginning with the procurement of raw materials and continuing to production, transportation, usage, and final disposal.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

To assist in lessening the impacts of global warming, ASPINA Group strives to minimize CO2 emissions. In fact, at all of our production bases, reduction in use of energy is one of our primary environmental objectives.
Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd. (the group headquarters) is moving forward with activities aiming to achieve an annual CO2 emission reduction of 1% on average against the absolute value. Dong Guan Shinano Motor Co., Ltd. and Hefei Shinano Motor Co., Ltd. in China are also trying to reduce energy consumption with numerical targets.