Canned motor pump DRP-9338

The DRP-9338 series canned motor pump is ideal for any coolant distribution unit (CDU) used in liquid cooled servers and industrial liquid cooling/circulation systems. The compact body along with high-output flow control with our built-in drive circuit enables a reduction in the size and weight of liquid cooled systems.

Compact, lightweight, high output
The size is approximately 50% smaller than existing DC canned motor pumps with similar output specifications. The sealless design avoids any potential for leaks.
Flow rate control
The built-in drive circuit allows for easy flow rate control via the input signal.
With our +60 year experience in motor development, we can offer flexible and customized solutions for different output characteristics, lower noise, and lower vibration, etc. according to customers’ requirements.

Technical Data

Standard specifications

Unit Value
Pump type - Canned motor pump
Power V DC24
Drive system - Sinusoidal drive
Maximum flow rate L/min 50
Maximum head m 22
Port fitting type -

Tapered pipe thread (ISO)
2 x Rc3/4 (3/4" BSPT, female)

Liquid temperature Degree Celsius 0-60
Ambient temperature Degree Celsius 0-60
Rated output W 65
Mass kg 2.2

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