Seat ventilation blower

Features and benefits

ASPINA’s seat ventilation blowers are renowned for their quiet operation, high efficiency, and low vibration, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience for drivers and passengers.

The rise of EVs and additional functions in car seats are shifting seat ventilation system trends, encouraging automotive OEMs and manufacturers to deliver superior comfort within limited space. With 20+ years’ experience in seat ventilation blower development, ASPINA supports over 10 global leading OEMs with our product lineup that offers the following features and benefits:

Low noise
ASPINA’s products feature exceptional low noise. Our DRF-29A306 EV-T model with a distinct back outlet is the quietest among blower motors of the same size available in the market.
High efficiency
Our seat ventilation blowers are compact with improved efficiency and can be mounted on seats where space is limited.
Low vibration
Automation at our lines stabilizes product quality, and our optimized balance correction program reduces vibration.
Excellent plant location
Our seat ventilation blowers are produced with automated lines at our plants in China and Mexico, an excellent location for customers in Asia, Europe, and North America.
High customization capability
We offer flexible and customized solutions for optimized airflow characteristics, lower noise, etc. according to customers’ requirements. Interface supports Power, Ground, Speed control (PWM or PAM).

Our cumulative shipments of high-quality seat ventilation blowers approach the impressive milestone of 100 million units, highlighting the satisfaction of our valued customers and our commitment to delivering the optimal driving experience.

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Product lineup

Product comparison

Product lineup Link Type of motor Weight Size

Thickness at
housing scroll



voltage range

relative humidity
Speed Noise
g mm mm W A V % Pa CFM RPM dB(A)

Product photo of DRF-29A306 Standard DRF-29A306 Standard

DC brushless 135 100×100 23 3.6 0.8 9 to 16 -40 to 80 -40 to 85 95 350 19 5,500 57

Product photo of DRF-29A306 Wide DRF-29A306 Wide

DC brushless 145 120×120 19 3.6 0.8 9 to 16 -40 to 80 -40 to 85 95 400 23 4,000 58

Product photo of DRF-29A306 EV-T DRF-29A306 EV-T

DC brushless 135 105×105 22 3.6 0.8 9 to 16 -40 to 80 -40 to 85 95 450 24 5,900 54

Performance curves of DRF-29A306 Standard/Wide/EV-T

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