20L air compressor

  • Low vibration level
  • Low temperature rise
  • oil-free 4-piston design
  • integrated cooling impeller

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Technical Data

Motor Specification

Unit Value Remarks
Type of Motor DC Brushless
Typical Voltage V 24
Speed Range r/min 1,000~2,500
Shaft Posture Vertical
Direction of Rotation CCW Viewing from the rotor side
Ambient Temperature °C 5~40
Ambient Humidity %RH 10~95 No condensation
Heatproof Temp of Coil °C 105
Atmospheric Pressure hPa 700~1,060
Number of Phases 3
Number of Poles 10
Number of Slots 12
Type of Bearing Ball Bearing

Rated Values

Unit Value
Rated Pressure kPa(psi) 140(20)
Rated Flow L/min 20
Rated Speed r/min 2,000

Mechanical Data

Unit Value Remarks
Weight of Compressor kg 1.8 Approx.
Acoustic Noise Level dB(A) 60
Target Lifetime hours 8,500 Minimum

Electrical Data

Unit Value Remarks
Coil Resistance Ω 0.12 20℃
Inductance μH 195 20℃

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