ASPINA and CAYNOVA – Bring Seat Thermal Comfort into Aviation Industry

Press release

Apr. 5, 2023

Culver City— March 28, 2023 ASPINA is proud to partner with CAYNOVA ( bringing personal thermal comfort into the aviation industry. ASPINA has extensive experience in providing personal thermal comfort to the automotive industry for the past 20 years. “Human comfort is one of ASPINA’s priority technology goals” said Rex Bergsma, president and CEO of ASPINA organization.

“When we learned CAYNOVA was going to transfer seat thermal comfort technology into aviation back in 2018, we were so intrigued. We quickly established a support team and created close collaboration with CAYNOVA engineering and talented leadership teams,” said Marcel Azary, Senior Vice President, ASPINA.

Now YOU are in-charge of your personal comfort. Gone are the uncomfortable experiences of being too hot or too cold on airplanes or feeling lack of adequate rest and comfort. The CAYNOVA and ASPINA partnership give passengers the capability to control their personal seat temperature. No more struggling with blankets or trying to plan for unpredictable temperature changes.

Image of a man and woman sitting comfortably in airplane seats. The man's seat is set to his personal comfort temperature of 20 Degrees/68 Fahrenheit, and the woman's seat set to her personal comfort temperature of 22 Degrees/72 Fahrenheit. CAYNOVA + ASPINA: Innovative well being technologies created by trusted engineers

We are pleased to know CAYNOVA has officially launched their product line and that major airlines have started implementing CAYNOVA technologies into their fleet. ASPINA is proud to also support the manufacture of these devices. We are excited to build off the success of introducing this technology to the aviation industry with CAYNOVA as they go forward to make such technologies available to humans in flight!

About Caynova

Caynova is the only supplier of thermal and comfort features for business and first-class aircraft seats. Our customer base features the world’s top airlines including Lufthansa, Swiss, Air Canada, Etihad Airways, and others. With increasing market share and an expanding product portfolio, Caynova’s Well-Being features are installed on all major aircraft platforms, including Airbus A330, A350 and A380 and Boeing B747, B777 and B787.

Further information can be found at and/or Cesar Uparela, CCO, Caynova AG, Phone +41 62 919 06 03

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Established in 1918, ASPINA develops and produces motors and modules in fields such as industrial equipment, home appliances, housing, automobiles, medical care, and welfare. We constantly refine our technology for realizing elements of compact, lightweight, and quiet. In addition to mastering the movement of goods, we work together with our partners to touch the hearts of our end users. Both sales staff and engineers take the initiative to talk to customers to solve problems and make proposals. Our slogan “Engineered to Inspire” incorporates our desire to use technology to create a new future for the world and to touch the hearts of people. ASPINA is developing comfort technologies in many industries including medical therapies.

Further information: Marcel Azary, Senior VP, Phone (310) 693-7600



  • U.S. Headquarters: Culver City, CA
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  • CEO: Rex Bergsma
  • Organization: Privately owned
  • Founded: 1918



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