New stepper motor series offers increased torque and wider selection in size

Press release

Jul. 29, 2021

ASPINA introduced two 2 phase hybrid stepper motor series to our lineup to meet customer needs of increasing torque, downsizing products and a wider selection in size that would suit various applications.

35D series

The 35D series is a □35mm, 1.8 degree step angle bipolar series, and consists of 4 models.

This series has upgraded its former models, and has achieved a 35% increase in torque; one of the highest in its size range. Therefore, this series is perfect when considering downsizing your products. Originally developed for knitting machines, this series can be used in various applications. Industrial machinery is a common example.

42D series (unipolar and bipolar)

The 42D series is a □42mm, 1.8 degree step angle series, and consists of 24 models each for unipolar and bipolar winding types.

In our latest series, we added three more motor lengths you can choose from: 27.5mm, 49.5mm and 58mm, other than the existing 30mm, 34mm and 40mm. These additions in size were made to meet customer needs for a wider range of choice. The length 58mm model in particular, was originally developed for customers in the factory automation industry, and can be mounted with an encoder. This series also has one of the highest torque in its size range, achieving a 20% increase in torque compared to its former models.

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All of our products on our motor catalog, including the new models above, can be customized to fit your needs. We can supply system products that incorporate drive and control systems as well as mechanical design. These are backed by comprehensive support that extends from prototyping to commercial production and after-sales service.

Please feel free to contact ASPINA for any questions, quotation, requests for customization and more.

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